About Us

The professionals that comprise A-Advantage have over two decades of IT experience in areas such as computer server management, project management, network consulting, design and implementation, website development, database development, process automation, communications engineering, distributed systems management, nationwide project management, SFA deployment implementation, Global deployment and Infrastructure support, and Operations management.

Warren Holyfield, the founder and CEO of A-Advantage Networking, received his FCC license in broadcasting communications in 1980.  His industry knowledge in communication arts spans over 21 years, and holds various industry certifications.

“I love this industry, just when I thought I have seen it all, here comes a new technology, or a new challenge that keeps my interest and presents new opportunities for growth and personal development.  I love people and enjoy meeting and getting to know my clients, and building good relations…”

Warren E. Holyfield
Founder and CEO
A-Advantage Networking